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FHHS Basketball Teams Enjoy FHFF Screening Party

Friday Harbor High School Basketball Varsity and Junior Varsity teams met up at the Grange on Sunday, December 11 to watch a special screening of Alaskan Nets presented by the Friday Harbor Film Festival. The film tells the true story of a small island accessed by a one-hour ferry ride from the mainland of Alaska. Their small population makes it difficult to get a full basketball team. The whole town supports them as they win the championship against Anchorage. But the real story is of the players learning to pull together as a team and then go on to win.

Coach Brandyn Pedersen, Jeffrey Volk, David Markham, Pierce Kleine, Jaxon Waldron, Drake Goodrich, Nathan Posenjak, Cyrus Rollins, Jasper Williamson, Jack Anderson, Jonah Parsons, Mason Clark, Mason Smith, Chris Gustafson, Mamadou Hoskins, Andrew Rezabek, Coach Brian Germaine

After seeing the film at the Friday Harbor Film Festival last October, Rob Waldron thought of presenting a special screening of Alaskan Nets for the boys’ basketball teams. He reached out to the parents of the team members. They rented the Grange for the event. He asked FHFF for help. They supplied the film and projectionist, Norris Palmer. FHFF provided enough pizza to satisfy teenage boys, thanks to a discount from Kung Fu Pizza. Ben Waldron brought drinks for everyone, and it was a party! Special thanks to Windemere SJI for proudly sponsoring the film.

The kids were reminded that all local students are encouraged to come to the Friday Harbor Film Festival for free! Each year Suzy Mygatt Wakefield provides a generous grant to support their attendance.

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