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Filmmaker Q&A: A Plea for Refuge


A discussion with director Daniel Holmes and cast Jeff Shapiro.

58 minutes, $free

On Thursday, January 14, 2021 we met with filmmaker | director Daniel Homles and cast Jeff Shapiro to discuss Holmes' film, A PLEA FOR REFUGE. Watch this fascinating one hour recording of the Q&A and audience questions for FREE, now through September 30, 2021.

This is a Q&A ONLY, and does not include the viewing of the film.


Jeff Shapiro is a professional climber and pilot who has devoted his life to the mountains. Whether climbing on rock, ice, or flying above them, he strives for “full value adventure and self exploration”. Over the 30 years of his climbing related life, he finds the greatest rewards in focusing earned skill-sets towards attempting new routes in the greater ranges. First ascents on the NW face of Ri Wu Qie Feng in the Daxue Shan range of western China and, of the south face of Brammah II in the Kashmir Himalaya are two recent highlights.

Jeff is also a father, world class hang glider pilot, wing suit BASE jumper and a professional paraglider pilot. When he's not climbing or flying, he's a philanthropist, conservationist and a master falconer. Jeff currently lives and trains in Montana with his 16 year old daughter and his wife of 25 years whom he recognizes as “the most tolerant woman in the universe”.

Supported by: KAVU, Garmin, Lowa, Rab, Camp/Cassin, Edelrid, Kortel

Cody Tuttle was a respected and passionate adventure photographer and filmmaker based out of Mammoth Lakes, CA. He spent the last decade of his life dedicated to the documentation of adventure and humanity in its rawest forms. Trusted by brands such as Adidas, Mercedes Benz, Outside Magazine, BBC, and the United Nations, Cody produced highly emotional and thought provoking photography and film. With a deep rooted love for mountains, and the people who live in their midst, Cody’s intention was to create emotional documentaries that have the power to change the way people view the world and help create an awareness of both kindness and compassion.

When Cody wasn’t behind the lens you could find him flying high in his paraglider over the world's greater ranges.

Learn more about the film HERE.


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