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Friday Harbor Film Festival’s On-Demand Festival winners, as well as the student film award winners and runners-ups, are available to stream FREE at now through November 30.

Films available are:

  • Corky - Best Feature (director Christine Caruso) is the story of the world's longest-held captive orca, the changing sentiment about orcas in captivity, and the rise of sea sanctuaries.

  • Contrasts - Best Short Film (director Vanessa Prigollini) presents a strong argument for freedom from captivity for all marine species, revealing the horrors of animals’ lives in confinement.

  • Bird Lady - Best Student Film, Ages 13 – 17 (director Carter Rostron) explores the mystery surrounding a statue that has become known as the “Bird Lady” and has become a beloved part of neighborhood folklore.

  • Below the Rise - Runner-up Student Film, Ages 13 – 17 (director Massimo Soto) follows the filmmaker’s journeys to Costa Rica to uncover the severity of the sea level rise, which is significantly worse than originally presumed.

  • O’o: The Last Voice of Kauai - Best Student Film, Ages 18 – 26 (director Hanah Cincotta) is an environmental film about human-caused extinction featuring a bird known as the Kauaʻi ʻōʻō, which was once endemic to the Hawaiian island of Kaua'i.

  • An Urban Herd - Runner-up Student Film, Ages 18 – 26 (director Lizzie Coney) explores Street Goat, a farming cooperative that raises goats on disused city land. Aspiring farmer Fern must learn to milk the goats entirely by herself, discovering it isn’t easy to become an urban goat farmer.

"Best of the Fest" will begin in January, offering FREE monthly screenings of many Audience Choice Award winners and runners-up from the 2022 In-Theatre Festival. Stay tuned for details.

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