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Friday Harbor Film Festival’s 2022 DIRECTOR SERIES offers not-to-be-missed feature films that will each run for two weeks on the website, Beginning on April 21 and continuing through October 5, each offering will open with a FREE scheduled screening on the opening Thursday evening at 6:30 pm, as well periodic livestream Q&As throughout the year with a special guest knowledgeable about the film’s subject. From Friday through the closing Wednesday both the film and recorded special event will be available on-demand for only $1.95.



Arthur Jones and Luther Jones, Directors

2013 | 85 minutes

Shown at the first Friday Harbor Film Festival in 2013

Can people really escape from a sunken submarine? The series opener will be The Poseidon Project, an Explorers & Adventures documentary about one of Britain’s most advanced submarines, the HMS Poseidon, that sank off the coast of China in 1931, and the American explorer who spent six years looking for it. Half of the submarine’s crew escaped in the first few seconds after their boat collided with a cargo ship, but the rest were entombed as the submarine sank. Three hours later, six sailors surfaced – barely conscious and bitterly cold – the first ever to escape from a sunken submarine using a proto-scuba device. Years later, while Beijing-based scuba instructor Steven Schwankert was looking for nearby wrecks to dive, he found HMS Poseidon on a list of unexplored sites. What started as his private obsession went on to challenge official accounts of the escape and bring together the lost pieces of a story that touches on the history of Britain and China up to the present day.



Explorers & Adventures films follow amazing people exploring our world. They showcase adventurous people on scientific and exploratory expeditions into remote areas of the planet – on land and in the sea. While following courageous explorers these documentaries also stress the need for the preservation of our natural resources and the animals that share our world. Watch these to become aware of cutting-edge ideas and to revel in the exploits of others.

Things to Consider films explore the challenges we all face in the world, urging viewers to take action to solve problems. Topics range widely, including the impact of climate change, health concerns, the plight of wild animals, science, innovative gardening, and political action. Watch these to learn and be motivated to get involved.

Tales from the Heart films tell human-interest stories. They describe extraordinary achievements, the beauty of nature, people who overcome adversity, or efforts to create a better world. Some feature interviews with amazing people. Others showcase the arts. Watch these for both information and inspiration.

FHFF greatly appreciates the work of the filmmakers, the generosity of our sponsors, and the support of all lovers of great documentary films. Check out everything on our website:

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