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Join us in the San Juan Room at the Friday Harbor House each day of the festival and support young filmmakers!

For its e year the Friday Harbor Film Festival is adding an exciting new category of films -- the Student Film Showcase.  The films entered in the contest for The László Pal Emerging Filmmaker Award, recognizing emerging young talent in filmmaking, will be shown at the Friday Harbor House on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, October 24-26. Entry to view these films is FREE.

Audience members will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite films.  These votes will be used to choose the Audience Choice Awards, to be presented on Sunday evening, in the two student categories — 13-17 years of age and 18-26 years of age. 

A panel of award-winning filmmakers will judge the films and select the winner of The László Pal Emerging Filmmaker Award.  It will be presented to the creator of the Festival’s best student film during the Audience Choice Awards on Sunday evening.  László Pal was an Emmy Award winning director, cinematographer, writer, editor, and producer. He created films in many places around the world, while also educating young filmmakers at the University of Washington.

Student Film Screening Schedule
Thursday, Oct. 24th
Friday, Oct. 25th
Saturday, Oct. 26th



Director: Jacob Sloniker

Filmed during a stage production's tech rehearsal, this intimate portrait aims to recontextualize & externalize the hopelessly internal relationship between passion & stress while hoping to shed new light on the process of the dramaturg and their natural habitat.

Runtime: 12 minutes.

Category:  Ages 18-26


Directors: Nick Gates & Nathan J Blanchard

A funny and touching portrait of the filmmaker's father, who likes to fly kites.

Runtime: 5 minutes.

Category:  Ages 18-26


Director: Andrew Motte

An examination of the environmental and ecological impacts of border wall construction on flora and fauna in the American Southwest. This short film features testimony from three prominent environmental activists in the borderlands, taking the audience from the lush deserts of Arizona to the subtropical swamps of southeastern Texas.

Runtime: 18 minutes.

Category:  Ages 18-26


Director: Nick Gates

A shy, lovestruck pet store worker gets the seemingly useless powers of a house cat. With the help of his Coworker/Crush, they must stop their corrupt boss from experimenting on animals and infecting the people of the city.

Runtime: 20 minutes.

Category:  Ages 18-26


Director: Gemma Gallucci

Phil and the other two actors on their film set are having a hard time connecting with each other. As Phil pushes his feelings further and further from the surface the return of the repressed proves itself to be a powerful force.

Runtime: 8 minutes.

Category:  Ages 18-26


Director: Talin Phillips

The short film documentary, Escape from Tibet, follows the story of a Tibetan chef named Dekyi, and her long, hard journey to America and becoming a chef in a new place.

Runtime: 6 minutes.

Category:  Ages 13-17


Director: Danny Tayara

On the issue of climate change especially, not all are equal, and not all have the same power. This animated short is a call to those in power to do the right thing.

Runtime: 6 minutes.

Category:  Ages 13-17


Director: Blake Budwill

The Southern Resident Killer Whales are endangered and facing extinction. In this student-made documentary, leading researchers are interviewed about the issues surrounding the resident orca whales. “We created this documentary because the whales need our help. Our goal is to reach out to the world and to not let the cry of the Southern Resident Killers Whales fade any further. If the whales die, are we next?”

Runtime: 46 minutes.

Category:  Ages 13-17


Director: Hannah Paquette

Two sisters must rescue their grandmother's artwork from the community center before it is gone forever.

Runtime: 12 minutes.

Category:  Ages 18-26


Director: Lauren Havel

The new girl at school desperately wants to be accepted, but her life begins to unravel when three mean girls and their ringleader start tormenting her.

Runtime: 15 minutes.

Category:  Ages 13-17


Director: Conner Von Kuetzing

A film director finds out that her movie is going to be recut by a heartless executive. She decides to wait in his office overnight and kill him in the morning. It's up to her friends and crew to talk her out of it before time runs out.

Runtime: 22 minutes.

Category:  Ages 18-26


Directors: Garrett Johnson, Siobhan Chachere, Helen Smith, Hallie Harper, Hanna McCauley

North Cove, WA, founded as a tourist destination in 1884, has one of the fastest-eroding U.S. coastlines, losing roughly 150 feet of land per year. The Pacific Ocean is projected to engulf the area by 2050 if left unchecked. The fate of homes, businesses, cranberry farms and fisheries hangs in the balance. However, the residents of North Cove refuse to give up without a fight. MediaLab at Pacific Lutheran University tells the story of residents, the tribal community, and farmers as they rally against the waves to save what’s left of their town.

Runtime: 26 minutes.

Category:  Ages 18-26


Directors: Eilish M. Nobes & Darlien Morales

The DiveN2Life program, founded by Kama Cannon, provides a unique support system for underprivileged youth who lack the resources to expand their learning, and who lack the financial means to be afforded the opportunity to learn to scuba dive. This free program teaches students to be scientific divers and develops a group of environmentally conscious young minds. This film shows us their love for the ocean as they explore it and learn how to protect the Earth.

Runtime: 11 minutes.

Category:  Ages 18-26


Director: Olle Christiansen Meijer

Adult elephants live in different ways. Females are distinctly flock animals while adult males mostly live for themselves. Although males sometimes form smaller groups, they are not at all as welded as a flock of females. The adult males (also called bulls) interactions with the females are mostly restricted to mating. The elephant males die alone.

Runtime: 16 minutes.

Category:  Ages 18-26


Director: Banjo Carmichael

Inspired by the phrase "Make the film you want to see," a local Edmonds filmmaker had the desire to see a film about the real impact of theater on people's lives. He set out on a journey, documenting and interviewing actors and participants in a local theater group. In doing so, he discovered that theater has, quite literally, saved lives, changed lives, and is a way of life.

Runtime: 16 minutes.

Category:  Ages 18-26


Director: Katie Supplee

An intimate look at the recession of a local, family farm in rural Pennsylvania and the rich history behind their disappearing livelihood.

Runtime: 13 minutes.

Category:  Ages 18-26


Director: Jacob Hoxie

A young German man heads to the Yukon, searching for gold. After man years of empty searching, he decides he's had enough. He packs up his things and decides to walk back to Germany. However, he is soon struck by tragedy.

Runtime: 8 minutes.

Category:  Ages 13-17


Director: Tyler Small

After the death of his long-time fiancé, a young man must discover who he is without his other half. Faced with a myriad of bills and problems, he finds a second job. With the help of his new friends and a serious drinking problem, he starts to process his loss.

Runtime: 30 minutes.

Category:  Ages 18-26


Henry Bell & Grant Bemis

We all see pictures and read headlines about trash, pollution, and overfishing. But what do these issues actually look like, up close and in person? In search of an adventure and inspired by this question, two recent college graduates find themselves sailing to the Caribbean aboard a 37-foot sailboat to take part in several environmental research endeavors. The story of their journey provides refreshing insight into several of the biggest issues facing marine environments.

Runtime: 28 minutes.

Category:  Ages 18-26

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