The Bowmakers

Director:  Ward Serrill

The story of the most important instrument you’ve never heard of. Port Townsend, Washington is known as the “Mecca of bowmaking,” where five world-renowned bowmakers live and work. They are among the handful of craftsmen who still practice this centuries-old trade. 

To musicians, the bow is an instrument in itself, essential to expressing the soul of the music. Each bow is unique and handcrafted using techniques that haven’t changed since the early 1800’s. Can this old-world craft survive in a time dominated by technology and fast results?  Are we at risk of losing a sound essential to our soul? 

Follow the journey of the “silent servant” of music from the workshops of the Port Townsend masters to France where the modern bow began and to Brazil, home to the imperiled tree from which all bows originate. This is a film that will change the way you hear music.


Released in 2019
104 minutes
Tales from the Heart

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