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Umbilical Cord

A film by

Ji Zhehan



19m 15s

About the Film

A clone number 0921, who was sent to Kepler A, a few light years away from Earth, was hunted by the Regulators' Hawks and Dogs because he wanted to escape back to Earth. During his escape, he is attacked by "cosmic pain" again and again, and he finally learns about his origins. At the last moment of his life, he sends a signal to his own family and to the infinite universe.

Director Biography – Ji Zhehan

Zhehan Ji , director and screenwriter, graduated from the undergraduate directing program of the Film School of Sichuan Media College in China.

During his college years, he directed and screenwrote several works, among which "The old time" (2022) won the November Award at the Tokyo International Short Film Festival, the Silver Award for the Best Student Short Film at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival in October, and the Best Young Director at the Southern Academy of the Arts in Chile, as well as being selected and nominated for several film festivals.

His directing style favors genre and strong conflict, focuses on composition and atmosphere, emphasizes authenticity in performance, and is constantly exploring more stylized and clearer storytelling.

Director Statement

The movie is a Chinese sci-fi movie with a sci-fi theme based on the strong Chinese concept of family and homeland sentiment. With the clone 0921 and his family as the centerpiece, the film will tell a character adventure story, incorporating the classic drama mode of escape, making it exciting on the outside, but soft and warm on the inside.

The warmth and integrity of the family for every Chinese has always been soulful. The native land is the embodiment of this feeling, and the family is the emotional support. The film really explores the family and the sense of conviction. Only by experiencing warmth can one's faith support oneself in times of cold and reach the warmth of the hut.

Umbilical Cord

Clone 0921 battles cosmic threats and foes, seeking his roots and the warmth of family in a cold universe.


Directed by:

Ji Zhehan

Sichuan University of Media and Communications

2023 FHFF Laurel -YFC-SELECTION-26- BLK.png

On-Demand (Worldwide). October 26 - November 5


Ages 18-26 Category







Ji Zhehan


Ji Zhehan

Director. Writer

Lin Yamei


Tian Song

Key Cast

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