About the 2019 FH Film Festival

A Message from our Founders

This year we are celebrating the Friday Harbor Film Festival’s seventh anniversary! We are so proud of our significant achievement!! None of this would be possible without our FHFF ohana — a special group of friends and neighbors who devote a great deal of time and energy to this event. Without the efforts of this extremely committed group of islanders, the Film Festival simply could not happen nor continue for seven years.

Our volunteers believe in the importance of conveying important and meaningful stories through film, as well as discussions with the filmmakers themselves. To that end, they help us to solicit sponsors and advertisers; to design, write, and edit our program; to participate in the selection of films; to schedule venues and keep our website updated; to take photos; and to coordinate the housing for visiting filmmakers. And this doesn’t even include the more than 150 people who volunteer each year during the Festival itself to staff the venues and the Festival office, plus help us with the ever-important job of set-up and clean-up for each event.

To all of these energetic and loyal volunteers, we again dedicate this year’s program. Each of you contributes very significantly to the success of our Festival, and we can’t thank you enough!

Lynn Danaher, Director
Karen Palmer, Producer


Our Mission

Each year, the Friday Harbor Film Festival located on beautiful San Juan Island, Washington, invites dedicated and talented Filmmakers to showcase their Documentary films unique ability to:

  • Entertain audiences through the art of compelling storytelling;

  • Inspire audience members, as well as filmmakers to be a force for positive change;

  • Enlighten all participants by conveying relevant information, creating awareness and expanding appreciation of our fragile planet, diverse cultures and those daring to explore new frontiers. 

  • Encourage students to participate in the Young Filmmakers Project to learn the art of storytelling thru film.