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Ever Green

Directed by Mark A. Dworkin and Melissa M. Young

30 mins | 2022

This film shows how a small organization mobilized its island community to protect forests, farmlands, and shorelines from development in order to preserve a healthy rural way of life.

About the Directors

Mark Dworkin and Melissa Young have produced documentaries on social justice and the environment for over 30 years. Their award-winning films have screened and won awards in prestigious festivals around the world including Chicago, Columbus, Seattle International, Women in Film Seattle, CINE in Washington DC, UN Association in Palo Alto, Los Documentalistas in Buenos Aires, Festival of New Latin American Film in Havana, Planet in Focus in Toronto, and Prix Leonardo in Italy. Six programs have aired nationally on PBS, the most recent Shift Change, about worker cooperatives in Mondragon, Spain, and across the U.S. Pacific Northwest productions include Islas Hermanas 1999, How Can I Keep on Singing? 2001, GOOD FOOD 2008, Cultivating Kids 2016, PLANE TRUTHS 2018, and EVER GREEN, 2022. Forthcoming later this year is a documentary about a remarkable network of worker cooperatives founded 10 years ago in Cincinnati, Ohio, dedicated to creating an economy that works for all.

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