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Into the Stillaguamish

Directed by Jennifer Moslemi and Marita Davison

11 mins | 2022

In western Washington State, the Stillaguamish River ties together people, cultures and livelihoods, all of which depend on the health of the river. Into the Stillaguamish shows how one river can touch the lives of people from disparate walks of life, who are brought together in their shared interest to improve the river's integrity.


Director Biography - Jennifer Moslemi, Marita Davison

Jennifer Moslemi and Marita Davison are biologists, filmmakers and web designers. They focus on topics related to science and sustainability, using digital media to facilitate exploration of the natural world and our place in it. They have won awards for both film production and web design, including the New Visions award at the International Wildlife Film Festival and a Webby Award for Best Science Website. After meeting in grad school at Cornell University, Jen and Marita co-founded the production studio Caravan Lab based in Seattle, WA.

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