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Friday Harbor Film Festival Co-Founder, Lynn Danaher, Awarded Sweeney Medal by The Explorers Club

Since its inception in 1914, The Explorers Club has been honoring the luminaries of exploration with its highest accolades. This tradition continues as Lynn Danaher, co-founder of the Friday Harbor Film Festival and resident of San Juan Island and Hawaii, is named among the latest recipients of the Edward C. Sweeney Medal. This accolade is presented annually to a club member who has significantly contributed to the Club's mission and objectives through their work and dedication.

Captain Lynn Danaher

With nearly two decades of membership, Captain Danaher has been an integral part of The Explorers Club since 2005. Her career as a mariner and explorer is marked by significant achievements, including leading expeditions across all seven continents and navigating challenging waters from Polynesia to the Arctic Circle. Her dedication to exploration is matched by her commitment to the Club, where she has led nine Flag Expeditions, chaired the Pacific Northwest Chapter, served on the Board of Directors for six years, and spearheaded the restoration of the New York City Headquarters.

Beyond exploration, Captain Danaher's passion for historic preservation has led her to undertake projects renovating historic buildings in Hawaii and Washington State, further contributing to her legacy of adventure and discovery.

Reflecting on the honor, Danaher shared her feelings, highlighting the award as a lifetime achievement and a recognition of her unique journey through self-directed learning and risk-taking. She expressed deep gratitude for being included among such a distinguished group of awardees, acknowledging the significance of this moment in her life's adventure.

The Explorers Club is set to celebrate this year's awardees, including Captain Danaher, at its 120th Annual Dinner on April 20, 2024, in New York City. This event promises to be a remarkable gathering of explorers and adventurers from around the globe, celebrating achievements that push the boundaries of human discovery.

For more details on the award dinner, please visit The Explorers Club 2024 Annual Awardees page.

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