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Stepping Into History: On The Old Military Road Trail

Micheal Noonan, Director

During the 1850s, the United States and Britain nearly went to war over the San Juan Islands, an archipelago in the Salish Sea. At the highest point of tension, the senior commanders and civilian authorities walked those two world powers back from the brink of conflict, building a road linking the military camps. Today, volunteers are commemorating their peaceful resolution of differences by mapping out and recreating that old military road, highlighting the area’s natural wonders and rich cultural history.

Released in 2022

Running time: 26 minutes

FHFF Film Category: Explorers & Adventures

FHFF Film Sponsor: Harbor Rental & Saw Shop


[screens with feature film TAKE HANDS]

Saturday, October 22 - 7:00 PM

Sunday, October 23 - 1:00 PM


On-Demand October 24 - 30 on with a recorded Q&A from the in-theatre screening.


A Q&A with Director Michael Noonan will begin directly following each screening.

photo: a still from STEPPING INTO HISTORY


Michael Noonan, Ph.D., is a retired professor of biology whose past research focused on animal behavior. As a filmmaker, he strives to inspire the next generation with visions of the natural world so that they become passionate about wildlife conservation.

Dr. Noonan retired in 2019 from a 40-year career as a professor of Psychology, Biology, and Animal Behavior at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY. At Canisius, he taught, traveled, and created documentary films on forest ecology, elephants, chimpanzees, wolves, beluga whales, tigers and other big cats, birds of all feathers, and many other animal species all over the world. His photos and videos of wildlife and people have won laurels at prestigious national and international film festivals.

Since moving to Friday Harbor he has donated his professional photography and videography skills to help the San Juan Preservation Trust create more than 15 videos.


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