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FHFF Celebrates Earth Day with a Special Collection of Free Films Online April 18-28

Updated: Apr 18

Friday Harbor Film Festival, In collaboration with Earth Day Orcas and the San Juan Islands Makers Guild, presents a special collection of thought-provoking and inspiring environmental documentaries to stream online from April 18-28th.

All films are free to watch April 18-28 on Explore the Earth Week FIlm Guide and register to watch free by viewing the Earth Week Film Guide here. Let’s celebrate Earth Day 2024!


Director: Shane Anderson

This documentary presents a portrait of the Nez Perce Tribe as they continue to carry out their ancient promise to protect Chinook salmon, cornerstone species, and first food their people have subsisted on for tens of thousands of years.

Director: Shane Anderson

Of all the Pacific Salmon, the spring run of chinook is the most revered. Filmmaker Shane Anderson tells the story of a recent scientific breakthrough that provides crucial new insights into salmon genetics. This could offer a path to help save the king of salmon before they are lost forever.


Directors: Mark A. Dworkin and Melissa M. Young

This film shows how a small organization mobilized its island community to protect forests, farmlands, and shorelines from development to preserve a healthy rural way of life.

Director: Sam Nuttmann

Local director Sam Nuttmann describes his film: “The Bench is a story of travel and transformation. We follow a path in life that leads us to whole new worlds and unexpected ways of being. But one thing is unavoidable - we are always changing.”


Director: Jessica Plumb

Call of the Orcas explores urgent efforts to protect the unique, endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales, as seen through the eyes of one human champion, researcher Ken Balcomb. Can we learn to live in a way that sustains the orcas among us?


Director: Jordon Riber

Our Sacred Obligation recounts the historic and now-threatened relationship between the Yurok Tribe and Klamath River salmon, as well as their leadership to protect it, recently leading to the decision to remove four dams on the Klamath River.

Directors: Jennifer Moslemi and Marita Davison

In western Washington State, the Stillaguamish River ties together people, cultures, and livelihoods, depending on the river’s health. Into the Stillaguamish shows how one river can touch people from disparate walks of life who are brought together by a shared interest in improving the river’s integrity.


Host/Narrator/Writer:  Trent Lieber

An intimate look at the highly successful butterfly conservation program taking place at San Juan Island National Historical Park. The endangered island marble butterfly is only found in American Camp on the south end of San Juan Island.

Earth Day Orcas 2024
This popular Eco Fair offers activities for all ages with art, music, science, poetry and returns to the Eastsound Waterfront on Saturday, April 20th. The two day event opens with a wonderful poetry reading on Friday evening on the 19th. Details are available on the San Juan Makers Guild website.


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